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Eastover Elementary School Earns High Growth Designation

CMS Announces 2015-16 Achievement


September 1, 2016 – Eastover Elementary School announced today that it has earned the designation of a “High Growth School” by Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools (CMS) based on its outstanding academic performance during the 2015-16 school year.

The school earned a score of 100 percent, after meeting all twelve testing targets (annual measurable objectives) in end of grade testing. Eastover also met all of its goals for the 2015-16 school year in proficiency in third, fourth and fifth grade reading and math. In addition, it met its goals for fifth grade science.

This outstanding student growth in a single year earned Eastover the designation as a High Growth School explains Dr. Susan Nichols, Principal at Eastover Elementary, “Our students significantly exceeded their predicted growth and we are so excited about this achievement.”

In 2015-16, 85 percent of Eastover’s students grew in math and reading, compared to the previous year of 61 percent student growth academically. Seven out of ten students in grades third, fourth and fifth demonstrated proficiency in math and reading. All of these compiled scores from last year earned Eastover a B school rating.

“We will continue – with hard work and intentionality – to provide the best instruction for our children. Our hard work is definitely paying off and I am so proud of the work of our students and our Eastover staff,” says Dr. Nichols.

About Eastover Elementary School
Eastover is a Charlotte-Mecklenburg Honor School of Excellence located in Charlotte, North Carolina in the heart of the Eastover neighborhood. Built in 1935, Eastover has a long history of academic excellence serving a diverse student body with students from Cherry, Cotswold, Eastover, Elizabeth, Siegle Avenue and a portion of Myers Park neighborhoods. Offering a close knit community of students, teachers and administrators, Eastover has approximately 420 students enrolled in grades kindergarten through fifth. Eastover is the only Charlotte Mecklenburg public elementary school that teaches Braille to visually impaired students. Learn more about our school.