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Congratulations to our 2016-17 Pumpkin Decorating Contest Winners!

 1st Place
Pokemon Patch
Ms. Sheff’s 3rd Grade

2nd Place
Sweet Sugar Skulls
Ms. Rockecharlie’s 5th Grade

3rd Place
Team USA
Ms. Schafer’s Kindergarden

 Teacher’s Choice Award
Grow Eastover
Ms. Duckett’s Kindergarten

2016-17 Pumpkin Contents Winners

1st Place Kid’s Choice Award: Pokemon Patch! Ms. Sheff’s 3rd grade Class!
2nd Place Kid’s Choice Award: Sweet Sugar Skulls! Ms. Rockecharlie’s 5th grade Class!
3rd Place Kid’s Choice Award: Team USA! Ms. Schafer’s Kindergarten Class!
Teacher’s Choice Award: Grow Eastover! Ms. Duckett’s Kindergarten Class!

Additional Pumpkin Awards:

Click here for a slide show of all of our winners!

Cummings: A Sprinkle of Fun!
Most Delicious Award!

Duckett: Grow Eastover!
Most School Spirit Award!

Hutchison: Bryant Gumball!
Yummiest Award!

Schafer: Team USA!
Most Original Award!

Vodicka: Color Blast!
Most Artistic Award!

Castle: Emoji Clan!
Goofiest Award!

Flanagan: Disappearing Donuts!
Most Creative Award!

Petersen: No Gum in School!
Most Detailed Award!

Moody: Mummy Family!
Best in Show Award!

Powell: The Wicked Witch of Eastover!
Scariest Award!

Williams: Hauntly the Witch & Scaredley Ghost!
Most Haunted Award!

Cooper: Emoji Madness!

Cutest Award!

Holmes: Mummy Madness!
Deadliest Award!

Sheff: Pokémon Patch!
Most Fun Award!

Crawley: Amnemonemomne!

Cutest Creature Award!

Irish: BB8 Corn!
Most out-of-this World Award!

Yonkovig: Y Faces!
Funniest Award!

Dilworth: Peace & Love!
Most Caring Award!

Bryan/Hill: Serving up Fall Fun!
Most Hands on Award!

Rockecharlie: Sweet Sugar Skulls!
Most Colorful Award!